Visegrad Standard grant “Quality makes a difference” No 21520171

Information about the project

Visegrad Standard Grant project No 21520171 called QUALITY MAKES A DIFFERENCE concerns organization of the 17th International Symposium on Quality “Quality Makes a Difference”, 16th – 18th March 2016 in Zadar that is associated with the Memorandum of understanding and cooperation.

Symposiums schedule of the first day includes general meeting of Visegrad partners with other participants and discussion on scientific joint projects. This day is also devoted to promotion of new generation of EOQ Quality Managers and Auditors and special program of 20th anniversary of Croatian Quality Managers Society connected with Awards Ceremony connected with Visegrad partners welcome. The second day of symposium includes presentations and discussion on Visegrad partners experience on quality problems, ways of its solving and compering with other countries experience. Sessions will be a platform for general discussion including press releases and photo exhibition on Visegrad and Croatian projects experiences. After session there will be organized excursion to city of Zadar and official dinner with cultural exchange. The third day of symposium will summarize all presentations and will include training on Visegrad scientific projects that promotes Visegrad quality of cooperation as the difference element of cultural and educational cooperation. Articles presented during symposium will be published in proceedings given to participants during Symposium and send to Visegrad partner institutions afterwards as the educational information source for PhD. students and quality managers. Visegrad partners’ scientific works will be valuables educational source for future generations of quality managers. The quality of cooperation between Visegrad partners and Croatian Quality Managers Society will be the object of press releases.

Topic of the project refers to quality importance in Visegrad and other European organizations that is subject of discussion and training during scientific symposium. Results of the project in the form of symposium, training and proceedings are targeted on development activities of scientific and business platform that could improve Visegrad and Balcan economy competitiveness by quality. Visegrad partners will play important role of information source about European Union and its political, economical and cultural conditions. Experience of Visegrad partners compared with other countries experience will be actively presented during symposium (translated), published in the form of proceedings and the best Visegrad partners’ contribution will be awarded what is subject of Visegrads’ funding.

Target groups of the project are: quality managers, researchers, university workers, PhD. students, industry representatives from Visegrad countries, other European countries, Turkey, India, who are interested in research results and research methodology shown during project actions. Media (such branch journals and radio) can be other target groups, which can also participate in promoting of Visegrad universities achievements that are reached owing to studies edited in the form of symposium proceedings. International scientific cooperation will promote research findings and its authors of Visegrad country what create a chance to promote Visegrad cooperation in other European countries.


Partners of the project No 21520171

  1. VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava,
    Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Czech Republic
  2. Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology,
    Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic
  3. Faculty of Production Technology and Management,
    University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
  4. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
  5. Institute of Production Engineering, Faculty of Management,
    Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
  6. The Managers of Quality and Production Association, Czestochowa, Poland
  7. School of Economics and Management in Public Administration, Bratislava, Slovakia
  8. University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia
  9. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Material Sciences and
    Technology in Trnava, Slovakia
  10. Centre for the Development of Wood processing, Furniture and Pulp and Paper Industry, Slovakia
  11. Technical University in Zvolen, Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology,
    Department of Enterprise Management, Slovakia
  12. University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor, Serbia
  13. Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
  14. Mersin University, School of Economics and Administrative Sciences,
    Department of Economics, Turkey
  15. Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology, Yava, India

Planned public relations/promotional activities

  1. Press releases submitting in the press magazines and regional radio broadcasts.
  2. Information about conference course on website the Croatian Quality Managers Association, website of IVF partners and Facebook website.
  3. Collection of articles and posters.
  4. Proceedings books and CD including IVF logo and information about project with full version of articles.
  5. Official ceremony with awarding quality managers and Visegrad partners.
  6. Training with participation of IVF representatives and experts from partner institutions.
  7. Information in the form of installation of IVF emblem in the symposium place.
  8. Photo exhibition on the Visegrad conferences memories.

Programme of the Symposium

Conclusions of the Symposium